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Our hotel in Ashok Nagar, Chennai

Gokulam Park Ashok Nagar, Chennai

Fitted with state-of-the-art amenities and modern comforts, Hotel Gokulam Park near CMBT station, is one of the best business hotels in Chennai. With fine dining, room-service and grand event spaces, rest assured of a superior hospitality experience with us!

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Travel Desk, Hotel Sree Gokulam Vanamala, Hotel In Guruvayur

Sree Gokulam Vanamala, Guruvayur

Located in the serene temple town, Sree Gokulam Vanamala, Guruvayur, offers state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious stay options. Located 2 km from the city's railway station, this hotel in Guruvayur, Kerala offers fine dining, event spaces and a plethora of services.

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Sree Gokulam Sabari, Guruvayur

Sree Gokulam Sabari, located 500 m away from the city's railway station, is the perfect blend of Guruvayur’s tradition and comfort. The hotel, inspired by the architecture of the ancient temple town, offers a true experience of the locale's innate charm.

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Our hotel in Sabari, Guruvayur

Sree Gokulam Residency, Amballur

Located in Thissur, Sree Gokulam Residency, Amballur is a luxury retreat that stands out for the lifestyle, food and unique cultural experience it offers. Characterised by sauve decor and fine amenities, it is the perfect stay for modern travellers.

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Sree Gokulam Residency, our hotel in Manjery

Sree Gokulam Residency, Manjery

Manjeri is known for its rich cultural heritage and glorious vedic history. Sri Gokulam Residency, Manjery is a luxurious hotel offering a distinct getaway, perfect for guests who want to explore this tiny hamlet in Kerala.

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Sree Gokulam Fort, Thalassery

Featuring resplendent accommodations, an in-house restaurant and banquet halls, Sree Gokulam Fort is the perfect hotel in Thalassery for a cosy stay. Explore the historic city as you stay at our premium hotel, 4 km away from the railway station.

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A facade view of our hotel in Cochin

Sree Gokulam Residency, Oyoor, Kollam 


Enjoy your stay at Sree Gokulam Residency, Oyoor, Kollam, a boutique stay in the tiny riverside village of Kerala. Replenish your body and mind while staying amidst the enchanting, nature-enveloped retreat that offers fine accommodations and bespoke services.

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Sree Gokulam Highrange Inn, Gudalur


Located amidst the picturesque Nilgiris, Sree Gokulam Highrange Inn, Gudalur is the perfect getaway for a relaxed time. Lose yourself to the allure of the mountains, while enjoying the fabulous accommodations at our hotel in Gudalur.

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Sree Gokulam Park, Bellary


Sree Gokulam Park, in Karnataka’s Bellary district, is an upcoming hotel that aims to offer a splendorous hospitality experience. Explore the city of Bellary, its rugged ridges, monoliths and colossal boulders during your stay at our hotel in Bellary.

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