Best Places to Visit in Kasaragod

Situated amidst the grandeur of the Western Ghats, Kasaragod is a lovely little town which boasts of rich biodiversity and a host of tourist attractions. Known as the land of gods, rivers, forts, hills and beautiful beaches, this place is one that is sure to lure the wanderlust in you. 

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Bekal Fort

Spread across 40 acres, Bekal Fort is the largest fort in Kerala. Take some time out to visit this majestic place which overlooks the Arabian Sea, offering a picture-perfect view and some much-needed quiet. The fort is also really accessible, located conveniently at just an hour's drive from Mangalore. Go for long walks through the lush green gardens with the gentle sea breeze for company and take home fond memories of time well spent. 

Explore, Sree Gokulam Nalanda Resorts, Best Places to Visit in Kasaragod


Chandragiri Fort

Built in the 17th century, this large fort is a lovely place to visit, offering scenic views of the Payaswini river that flows beside it. Decorated with eventful history, the Chandragiri fort is one of the many forts Shivappa Nayaka built post the fall of the Vijayanagara Empire. There is also a beautiful garden within the premises. Do pay a visit to this historically relevant site when you holiday in Kasaragod.

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Madhur Temple

Originally known as the Maradantheshwara Temple, this is one of the six Ganapathi temples of ancient Tulunadu. This holy place attracts tourists from all over, who throng the place during various festivals that happen here. The most common prayer offered to Lord Ganapathi in this temple is called the "Udayastamana". Visit this holy shrine during your trip to Kasaragod and experience divinity course through your body. 

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Ananthapuram Lake Temple

Believed to be the Moolasthanam (original seat) of Ananthapadmanabha Swamy, legend says that this is originally where the deity Vishnu settled down. This beautifully built temple is probably the most unique one in Kerala, courtesy its location amidst a lake which measures about 2 acres. One of the most interesting facts about the temple is that the original idols were not made of metal or stone but from a rare combination of over 70 medicinal materials. 

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