Places to Explore in Thrissur

Sree Vadakumanathan Temple near Sree Gokulam Residency

Sree Vadakumanathan Temple

This temple in Thrissur, Kerala is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The monuments of the temple reflects the Keralite culture and architectural tastes. Folks in Kerala believe that this is the first shrine built by Parasuram, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Sakthan Thampuran Palace in Thrissur

Sakthan Thampuran Palace

This palace in Thrissur is built in Kerala-Dutch architectural style. This once belonged to Perumpadappu Swaroopam, the ruling dynasty of Kochi. This palace is just 14.6 kilometres away from Sre Gokulam Residency, Thrissur.

Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours

Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours, Thrissur

This is the third tallest church in Asia and largest in India. It is very popular for its Gothic style of architecture. Basilica Of Our Lady Of Dolours is also the first christian church in Thrissur, Kerala. 

Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple

Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple

This is an ancient Hindu temple located in the city of Thrissur, Kerala. This shrine hosts the biggest local festivals in Kerala. Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple allows devotees only in traditional attires.

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