Guruvayur - A Temple Town in Kerala

Guruvayur, a municipal temple town, is situated in Kerala, one of the Southern states renowned for its mesmerizing beauty, lush greens and holy places. Explore the various temples that find their establishment in this town of Guruvayur.

Guruvayur Temple


Guruvayur Temple or Sree Krishna Temple is one amongst the most famous and religious places in Guruvayur. The temple is a symbolic dedication to Vishnu's four-armed avatar.  Considering the number of devotees visiting The Guruvayur temple, the place finds its importance in the religious culture in India. The deities worshipped here are known to be more than 5000 years old.

The festivals associated and religiously celebrated in affiliation with this temple are Janamashtmi, Ekadasi, Vishu and a 10-day festival of Kumbham.

Mammiyoor Temple

Mammiyoor Temple is also renowned as Mammiyur Mahadeva Kshetram. Kerala, in addition to its fresh and peaceful environment, hosts 108 temples famous around the world and Mammiyoor Temple one amongst the five Shiva temples around Guruvayur.

When you visit the Guravayur temple, the ritual says that you must visit this temple as well, to complete the cycle of wishes and blessings. As the legend goes, the temple is home to Lord Shiva and his family.

Before you visit the temple, ensure that you follow the dress code as a respect to the rituals and religion.


Guruvayur is home to various other temples namely Sree Parthasarathy Temple, Sree Chamundeswari Temple, Thiruvenkitachalapathi Temple and Chowallur Temple, and many more.

Kerala invites you to explore the beauty that awes your mind and relaxes your soul. Preserved and managed to attract tourists from all over the world, Kerala has earned the title of "God's Own Country".

When you plan your Kerala tour, do reserve a few days to spend in this municipal town of Guruvayur and experience the religious side of you. Worry not, we have a perfect place for you to stay during your holiday - Sree Gokulam Sabari, a luxury hotel located in close proximity to various attractions including the temples, waterfalls, dam and much more!

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